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Residential Services

Everybody is focused on the environment these days, but how about focusing a little closer to home? Royal Doody’s™ focus is on making your own backyard as environmentally friendly as we can! Yes, your home is where your heart is, and backyard should be where the fun is — but only if it’s clean and green.

Our professional pooper scoopers take their work seriously.  We’re dedicated to removing pet waste year-round. We even have a service to disinfect, and deodorize your decks, patios, and dog runs.

Commercial Services

Introduce Your Community to a Green New Deal: There is no denying it, as much as we love them, our four-pawed friends make a mess. Royal Doody™ is here to assist in keeping your Apartment complex, busy dog park, and neighborhood with HOAs clean and green with our specialized dog poop pick-up services. 

Royal Doody™  has solutions to keep everyone in your community happy. Our professional pet waste removal services are tailored to meet the needs of the unique spaces we service.

At Royal Doody™ Green is More Than Simply a Slogan

Royal Doody™ Dog Poop Pickup Services are going GREEN. This is good for the environment, and your health. Also, a commitment to greening the doody business allows us to become an example to the community of good corporate citizenship.

Royal Doody™ is Here to Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

We help provide a clean yard, which promotes a happy and healthy environment for your pets and family.

No Royal Doody™ Service in Your Area? How about starting your own business? We have among the lowest startup rates in the Dog Poop Scooper Industry. Click the link below to learn more. It's a dirty business, but somebody has to do it. Amazing ROI, dedicated support team, and mentorship available.

Why Choose Royal Doody™?

We are your Neighborhood Doggy Doody Pickup Service:

  • We offer several different service plans so that we can meet your specific needs, whether it’s a one-time clean or weekly service.
  • Each Service area is operated by an independent, local business owner, committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • You decide how you wish to be notified when service is completed so that you know exactly when your yard was cleaned: Text or email with a photo, or simply a door hanger notice.
  • We disinfect our doody  scooping tools between each client job eliminating the potential of spreading parasites or diseases. 
  • Royal doody also rewards our customers for referring us to their friends and neighbors.
  • Royal Doody ™ is fully committed to honesty, integrity. We stand behind our pooper scooper service with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Enjoy Less Stress and More Play Time With Your Paw-Footed Friend.

How Royal Doody Works

  • Contact Us
  • Select & Order Service
  • We Pickup & Dispose of Your Pet’s Waste
  • You Get to Enjoy Your Clean Yard and Spend More Time Doing What You Love
  • Easy-Peasy

Select and View the Doody Services Available in Your Service Area

Or Call 855•NO•DOODY - (855)663-6639

Royal Doody’s™ Pooper-Scooper Service is Especially Beneficial for Families with Children.

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