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The Royal Doody Mission os

Our vision

The Royal Doody Vision is to provide the best customer service in our industry. We are committed to providing quality products and services for the sole purpose of improving the quality of life for our customers and their fur babies.

Pit Bull

Are You:

  • Focused on Your Future?
  • Goal Oriented?
  • Driven to Succeed?
  • Committed to 100% Client Satisfaction?

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When Doody Calls Will You Answer?

The Doody Biz is not Rocket Science. Anyone from 18-81(no upper age limits) can pick up poop. The trick is discovering how to work smarter, not harder. So, why spend 15,000-60,000 or more to purchase a franchise? Royal Doody can get you started for a fraction of the cost. Do it right and you could be making that 60K a franchise would have cost in the first year, without the huge investment. The good news is that your only limit to your income potential is the size of your goals and dreams.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s easy, but with with the systems, tools and training that Royal Doody has in place, you can take out all the guess work in starting and maintaining your new doody scooper business. NO, this is NOT a get rich quick program? The Doody Scooper business takes planning, dedication, education, time and patience to become successful.  
Successful Applicants will learn
■ How to set goals that are best for you;
■ How to conduct your own market research;
■ Discover who your customers are;
■ Learn where to find local information on licensees or permits;
■ Professional advice on ways to promote your business
■ How to navigate the Royal Doody Customer Portal
■ How to deal with dogs; and,
■ Discover how to take advantage of free business resources in your area.
Royal Doody is a high-energy business. We’re looking for smart, dedicated entrepreneurs who are excited by new opportunities and who love marketing and team-building. If the Royal Doody Mission statement resonates with you, and the questions above describe you perfectly, we would like you to consider joining the team. If you cannot commit 110% to the above, you should probably look elsewhere.
Royal Doody Business Information:
This is an Independent Contractor, Service, Business Opportunity — Not a Franchise
Americans Love Their Four-Pawed Friends…
As a matter of fact, they love their pets so much, the Pet industry is rated at over $40 billion a year! That adds up to a bunch of Doody. And it’s America’s love affair with Man’s Best Friend that is driving one of the fastest growing markets around, and giving back valuable time to our clients.
Consider this, 40% of all U.S. households own at least one dog. For households with annual incomes over $50,000, the percentage climbs to over 60%. Which translates into a whole lot of dogs. Millions of dogs add up to tons of pet waste in every region of the country.
…Its a dirty business, but someone has to do-do it!
Royal Doody Specializes in the messy side of pet ownership. With estimates of over 60 million dogs of all breeds and sizes, all having one thing in common: they all must answer nature’s call, each and every day. This makes for an amazing, on-going business opportunity.
The never ending supply is creating the demand for Royal Doody’s services.
We all have precious little free time, busy pet owners want to play spend their time playing with dogs, rather than cleaning up after them. Many are only too thrilled to turn that task over to a professional like you.
The Nature of this Business is Taking Care of Their Business.
Yes, this is a recurring business. People want their yards to be safe, clean places to relax and have fun in. This is especially important to families with small children. Prince Puppy deserves a clean healthy environment too, but he’s got a healthy appetite and, well, what goes in must come out, and there is a never-ending cycle of — poop, scoop, and repeat.
It’s the nature of the business, biology makes pet waste removal perhaps the most reliably recurring business opportunity available today. Our client retention rates are extremely high for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings. And satisfied customers often lead to the best referrals and add-on business in deck deodorizing, and lawn brown-spot treatment.
Royal Doody Independent Contractors know they are building a strong, predictable, and profitable business. Each new client they bring in adds to their base, creating revenue streams that are long-term and continue to grow.
Have you Dreamed About Being Your Own Boss? We Have!
We developed this business for several reasons, but primarily because we were determined to be in control of our own financial destiny. We were tired of employers who had no sense of loyalty, and quite frankly, we wanted to be our own boss. With this business model, we are able to build it up to whatever level we wish.
We provide pet waste management services to residential yards, apartment communities, and Home Owner Associations. Our branding is professionally designed, and we are quickly becoming nationally recognized and respected.
Our vision is that we will always be #1 in Customer Satisfaction.
Royal Doody will accomplish this by working with the best people—and never sacrificing our integrity at the expense of growth.
We’re building a world-class brand, with an infrastructure that is focused on serving individual communities, and scalable to expand across the USA.
We are searching for business owners who are committed to greatness and excited about their own financial future. great franchise candidates, bring them into the system, and then train and coach them to reach their fullest potential.
A Simple Business Backed by Modern Systems
We started DoodyCalls for a lot of reasons. One was the desire to work outside. Another was stress. We didn’t want any! The systems we have in place will make it a cinch for you to operate your business. Each independent Duke or Duchess of Doody will receive their own online sales and customer portal.
This is a business that can be started and run from your home with very little in upfront costs. There should never be a need for you to have the expense of an outside office — unless you choose to do so.

Our concept is simple — simply helping people pick up what their dogs leave behind. Royal Doody is setting up shop to help you succeed, and meet your personal financial goals:
  • Online Sales Portal – Potential clients see an online advertisement, or one of your flyers and go to where they will be prompted to enter their ZIP Code and search for service in their area. After entering a ZIP in your service area they are then directed to your portal page. At this point, they have the option to call and email you or simply place an order. Upon order submission, you will receive an email notification with details of the service request. You’ll then call the client to schedule service. You’ll still have the freedom to relax, knowing you can be at your child’s ball practice or dance recital and still sign up new clients!
  • Online Contractor Portal — This is where you’ll have access to training materials, marketing materials, and communicate with your mentor. We also recommend a full suite of tools to manage your business.
  • Invoicing System – We have a NO WORRY SYSTEM that takes care of automated billing and getting you your hard earned cash — deposited directly into the bank. Our clients pay for service in advance.
  • Web-Based Feedback – Our online portal allows you to interact with your clients so that you can learn how to continuously improve.
  • Communication – Effective communication is key to business success. All the systems in the world are useless unless you understand them and know how to implement them effectively. Once on board, you’ll be assigned a mentor that will provide your initial training. We also host regular conference calls, ongoing coaching, and monthly internal newsletters reinforce lessons learned and provide the fundamental support and motivation we’ve found to be critical to your success.
  • Marketing and Public Relations Support – Royal Doody was started by a former, marketing and advertising executive who simply decided that the outdoors suited him more than working in a top tier agency. With that said, we’re set to provide you with top tier advertising and marketing support. From our on-going targeted advertising to customized marketing materials Royal Doody will provide the tools that will get you noticed in your target market.
We’ll Have You Up and Running in Days, not Months
You’ve been dreaming about being in charge of your own destiny, and with Royal Doody, that dream is about to become a reality. We love and encourage that drive, passion, and energy!
But before those clients in your territory start to hear from you, we want to make sure you have the tools and training required to channel that passion into a laser beam of success.
As a new member of the RoyalDoody team, you’ll receive training on how to deliver our service, our unique philosophy, and all our systems and procedures. You’ll learn the ins and outs, as well as the who’s, the what’s, the where’s and when’s of attracting and establishing a lucrative client base. You’ll also gain valuable knowledge about:
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Relations
  • Preparing your for launch and working with the media
  • Marketing Strategies, and
  • Up-selling and providing additional treatments
In other words, we’ll make sure you are completely prepared and are ready to “hit the ground” running!
Not a Franchise
Once again, this is not a franchise. What we are offering is an independent contractor business opportunity, utilizing Royal Doody support infrastructure. As this will be your business, representing Royal Doody, there are certain qualifications required to get started.
  • Prospective business owners MUST have their own, reliable transportation. (2015 or newer and in good outward appearance)
  • Auto and business liability insurance is required
  • Applicants must submit too and pass a criminal background check
  • We have a one-time setup fee of $995, which includes setting up your web portal plus:
    • 500 Business cards, 500 flyers, 2 magnetic car signs, and 4 silk-screened t-shirts
  • Individual Royal Doody territories are ZIP Cade based. and leased on a monthly basis. Each ZIP code territory costs $25/month. All revenue collected through your web portal is yours to keep, minus standard credit card processing fees and a 5% admin fee (50% of which is directed towards advertising).
  • No long-term contracts required (zip code territory fees are paid annually) and may be terminated at will by either party. 
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