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Commercial Dog Poop Pickup Services

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No job too big (or small).
Apartment complexes, busy dog parks, and neighborhoods with HOAs need specialized clean-up services.

Royal Doody has solutions to transform your environment into a clean-green zone.  Our professional Doggy Doody removal services can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique space.

Call Royal Doody and discover how we can meet your needs and those of your community. With the Royal Doody Satisfaction Guarantee, your environment can be clean in no time. Royal Doody’s  commercial services include:

  • Clean-up stations — we install, maintain, and restock with bio-plastic bags
  • Poop scooping — the entire property or designated areas, it’s up to you
  • Deoderizing Service — Lets Face it, dog feces and urine can become odiferous. We can help deoderize concrete, and even artificial turf.
  • Custom solutions — we’ll create a pick-up plan to perfectly suit your needs 
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